Friends of the Enchanted Forest, Inc.

*** Friends of the Enchanted Forest, Inc. need volunteers ***
We have several VACANT Board and Committee positions that need to be filled!!!
Please email if you would like to learn more!

Our Mission:

To ensure the protection of Brevard County’s natural treasures for generations to come by connecting the community with the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary and other Environmentally Endangered Lands properties.

Our Vision:

That the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary is forever cherished, forever protected.

Our Strategies:

Advocating for the preservation and protection of the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary as a unique natural area.

Educating all communities on the value, uniqueness, and vulnerability of the enchanted forest.

Providing volunteer assistance and additional financial support to the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program for the long-range protection of the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary.

Focusing on the health and long-term sustainability of our organization.


President - Dani Bowers

Treasurer - Jennifer Secor

Secretary - Maria Lombardo


Membership Chair - Vacant

Outreach Chair - Vacant
Events Chair - Vacant


Gift Shoppe hours:

Friday: 10a - 4:p

Saturday: 10a - 4p

Sunday: 10a - 4p

Shop by appointment!


Gift Shop Manager:

Dani Bowers


Dani Bowers

Cora Choy

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